24 January, 2016

Rural and Rural Residential Strategy Review

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Rural and Rural Residential Strategy Review

Come along and have your say!

Lithgow City Council wishes to advise that work has commenced on the development of a new Rural and Rural Residential Strategy. This project will be undertaken by an independent rural planning consultant, Edge Land Planning.
Council invites all interested persons to attend one of the following community visioning workshops to assist Council and the consultant to identify the community’s vision for rural lands and the future development of rural residential living opportunities. The workshops will also assist to identify issues of concern to the community and how these may be addressed in the development of the new Strategy.

The workshops will be held in the month of February at the following locations, dates and times.
Where When Time

Capertee Hall, Castlereagh Highway Capertee
Tuesday 9 February 2016 6.30 pm - 9.00 pm

Portland Crystal Theatre, Wolgan St Portland
Wednesday 10 Feburary 2016 6.30 pm - 9.00 pm

Hartley Historic School Hall, Mid Hartley Road Hartley
Thursday 11 February 2016 6.30 pm - 9.00 pm 

Rural Visioning Workshops Rural Residential Visioning Workshops
Where When Time
Lithgow Civic Ballroom, Tony Luchetti Sportsground Lithgow
Monday 22 February 2016 6.30 pm - 9.00 pm

Light refreshments will be available for participants. To ensure that we are able to cater for all who would like to attend it would be appreciated if you could register your intention to attend either of the sessions on line at council.lithgow.com/rural-lands/ or by contacting
Council on (02) 6354 9906 by 1 February 2016.

Further information may be obtained on line at
council.lithgow.com/rural-lands/or by contacting
Council’s Project Manager and Strategic Land Use Planner,
Mrs Sherilyn Hanrahan on (02) 6354 9906.


Join a group of writers - appropriately named 'Library Authors'
February second (7th)and fourth Sunday (21st) at 3pm
at Capertee Royal Hotel
Meet  in the new library/lounge area

Open to anyone who is interested.

Message from Melody Mandeno.

20 January, 2016

Regent Honeyeater Update

Regent Honeyeater During the May 2015 survey period, a single wild bird was found amongst the captive released birds in Chiltern- Mount Pilot National Park in Victoria, and two birds from previous releases (from 2013 and 2008) were recorded later in the month. 

In NSW, two birds were recorded at a native plant nursery at Mount White on the NSW Central Coast. Other NSW sightings included a pair of birds at Lake Cathie (south of Port Macquarie), and four birds west of Genowlan Bridge in the Capertee Valley (a single bird was recorded there later in the month). 

There was one sighting in Queensland during May 2015; this was in a residential garden in the Ipswich suburb of Bundamba. 

In August nearly all of the action switched to the Capertee Valley, though sightings started at Lue Primary school with a single bird seen in the first week. Following this, over 30 birds were found across a number of sites in the Capertee Valley, including private property, the Capertee River near Genowlan Bridge, and in the Capertee National Park. At the time, the Yellow Box in the valley was flowering heavily and birds were mostly seen in pre-breeding pairs (two pairs were even found with nests). 

The birds at Lake Cathie on the coast were still present, and another pair was found in the Bundarra-Barraba area of NSW. Since then, an estimated 100 birds have been found in the Capertee Valley by multiple observers, though the lions share has been thanks to the dedication of Regent Honeyeater PhD student Ross Crates. Ross has been studying the breeding of the birds, and despite some heavy early losses/nest failures, at time of writing over 20 fledglings have been observed surviving in the wild. A great result! 

The Regent Honeyeater Captive Release Program has also been a huge success this year, with 77 birds released in the Box Ironbark forest of Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park in April 2015. Radiotransmitters were fitted to 39 birds (with more transmitters attached in early July) to monitor their post-release movements and survival. The post-release monitoring has provided encouraging results, with interesting movement data and high survival rates of released birds. The program coordination team and volunteers have identified and monitored the outcomes of 11 individual breeding pairs and 25 separate nest attempts, including the successful fledging of three juveniles (one of whom is going strong two months post-fledging, see photo below). 

Another interesting finding from the program includes the predation of Regent Honeyeater eggs by native marsupials (including both the Sugar Glider and the threatened Squirrel Glider), destruction of eggs by a female House Sparrow, and predation of the sibling of ‘Lucky’  by an Australian Magpie. This was all found thanks to the nest surveillance cameras set up and monitored by PhD student Gemma Taylor, who is evaluating the successes of the captive releases. This new finding might explain the unsuccessful nesting attempts by many of the recently released birds. This information is critical to help strengthen future releases, and we will now investigate potential mitigation strategies to prevent predators from accessing nesting birds in the future. 

Springvale Coal mine update

SMH: 'Springvale coal mine approval faces challenge over impacts to Sydney's  water'.

"The Baird government's approval of a Blue Mountains coal mine expansion contravenes its own planning policy, say environment groups who have begun legal action to overturn the decision.

The 13-year extension of the Springvale coal mine, located near Lithgow, was backed by the Planning Ministry and secured final approval from the independent Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) last September.

The underground mine will produce as much as 4.5 million tonnes of coal a year from 20 new longwall panels, and continue to discharge untreated waste water into the upper Coxs River.

Environment groups led by 4nature are challenging the approval in the Land and Environment Court, arguing the move is not compliant with the 2011 State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) covering Sydney's drinking water catchment. The policy permits approvals only for projects that have a neutral or beneficial effect on the area."

Rural and Rural Residential Strategy Review

Dear Members,
President Rose Marie Delaney and Public Officer, Donna Upton attended the first workshop at Lithgow City Council, in attendance Ian Sinclair, Consultant  from Edge Land Planning and 30 other people from Community Groups in the Lithgow Region.

The Rural Lands/Residential Study was a decision made when the LUS was passed by Lithgow Councillors to send to DoPE (Dept. of Planning and Environment) to include an undertaking of a Rural Lands Study in 2016. The LEP was approved by DoPE subject to this study.
CVA strongly recommends that you all attend as you may be affected by what others predict or want without your say.

Capertee Hall Tuesday 9 February at 6.30pm - 9.00pm
You need to register by 1st February by contacting Council on 6354 9906
Consultant is Ian Sinclair from Edge Land Planning... for his CV Google his name.
Public Officer
Issued by 
CVA Inc.

Subject: Lithgow City Council - Rural and Rural Residential Strategy Review - Request assistance to spread the word. Please share!
Hello All,

I am writing to you as executive members of active progress, community or landowners associations operating within the Lithgow LGA to request your assistance in spreading the word within your community or sphere of influence about an important project Council is currently working on.

Council advises that work has commenced on the development of a new Rural and Rural Residential Planning Strategy.  This work follows on from the Lithgow Land Use Strategy 2010-2030 and the Lithgow Local Environmental Plan 2014. Through this strategy process,  Council will be reviewing how we plan and manage the LGA’s rural lands and will be further exploring the opportunity for new rural residential opportunities to sustain and grow our community.

The work will be undertaken by an independent rural planning consultant, Mr Ian Sinclair of Edge Land Planning.

In February Council will be holding  a series of community visioning workshops to assist Council and the Consultant to identify the community’s vision for rural lands and the future development of rural residential living opportunities.  The workshops will also assist to identify issues of concern to the community and how these may be addressed in the development of the new strategy.

Details of the workshops are outlined on the attached poster.  It would be appreciated if you could assist Council by displaying this poster in local meeting places or noticeboards or by forwarding the details onto your community contacts.  If you have difficulty printing this poster or would like some hard copies supplied please let me know.

If you require any further information please refer to Council’s webpage at council.lithgow.com/rural-lands/ or by phoning me on 02 63549906.

If you are not the right person to contact in respect of an association or community group please let me know so that we can amend our records.
Sherilyn HanrahanStrategic Land Use Planner
Environment & DevelopmentLITHGOW CITY COUNCIL
Phone:(02) 6354 9999 Fax:(02) 6351 4259 
You are invited to the
Annual General Meeting
Of the
Capertee & District Progress Association Incorporated
At the Capertee War Memorial Hall
At 3pm
Sunday 20th March 2016
Come find out what progress has been made for Capertee during 2015
& help us plan for the future
$5 Annual Membership required at the meeting in order to vote for new Committee Members
New Members Welcome
Free light refreshments during the meeting


Capertee & District Progress Association Inc.

13 January, 2016

Protected Area Management Course

Protected Areas Course

New course on protected area management in the Blue Mountains
March 2016

Navigating complexity and uncertainty in protected area management

Case study: The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area

The Protected Areas Learning & Research Collaboration is offering a new course through the Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute.

The course explores the realities of managing a protected conservation area and participants will engage with local practitioners to develop an understanding of on-ground conservation challenges.  

This is a five-day intensive course in the Blue Mountains.

When: Monday 14 – Friday 18 March 2016.

Further information go to:


& contact Dr Rosalie Chapple 

06 January, 2016

Chief weatherman explains Nullo Mountain to locals

Ever wondered why Nullo Mountain features as the default location when you look at ‘weather’ on your computer for the Rylstone-Kandos area, even though it’s a very different climate? Kandos resident Terry O’Sullivan did and sent an email to the Chief Meteorologist Matt Pearce at the weather bureau asking him why and this was the response: 

Hi Terry, thanks for your feedback. Our local weather pages use a fairly complex algorithm to map to nearest forecast locations, taking into account distance and elevation difference. Essentially, the distance is modified by 50m for every 1m in elevation difference. 
So, in this case, Nullo Mountain being 28.4km away from Kandos but 510m higher, ends up with a "modified" distance of 53.9km from Kandos. Mudgee, the alternative nearest forecast location, is 46.6km away but 149m lower, resulting in a "modified" distance of 54.1km.
So, as you can see, Nullo Mountain only just wins out. Unfortunately there's no way to manually override. The only way for us to get around this in the back end would be to modify the elevation of Kandos in our database. 
You'd have to decrease the elevation by 2m to tip the scales in favour of Mudgee. The elevation is currently 620m. I'm not sure that reducing the elevation of your town would be a suitable measure to take though!
So, probably the best approach for now, is for you to manually look at Mudgee's local weather page: http://www.weatherzone.com.au/nsw/central-tablelands/mudgee

Hope this helps, Matt Pearce Head of Development and Chief Meteorologist.

Click here for the article in the Weekly.

Nullo Mountain covers Capertee Valley also.

I must be missing something, why didn't they use Baldy at Kandos, it would reflect reality, Bruce Upton

New laws allow pharmacists to discount prescriptions

Pharmacists are now able to discount the cost of a prescription subsidised through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) for the first time as a result of new laws that came into effect on January 1.
Minister for Health Sussan Ley said consumers can now access discounts of up to $1 on every PBS-subsidised script they purchased throughout the year – potentially saving patients upwards of $70 annually.
Ms Ley said pensioners and other concession card holders would particularly benefit, given 80 per cent of PBS scripts were concessional, and would see their co-payment potentially fall from $6.20 to $5.20.
“When it comes to prescription medicines, every dollar counts,” Ms Ley said.
Click here to read the full story

The Wizards of Bridge Street: Inside the magical NSW mining approvals factory

NSW public service whistleblower David C. Paull explains how the State's mystifying mining approval sausage machine works.
23-33 Bridge Street looks like just another departmental building in the central business district of Sydney. Once inside and past the security guard, it is even less impressive, with dilapidated corridors of peeling paint, crammed public servants working in "open style" offices and grimy windows letting in inadequately dim, yellowish light.
But don’t let this dismal exterior fool you. Inside these walls, miracles can happen — and often do, particularly if you are a mining mogul. These are the walls of the NSW Planning Department.

Click Here to read the full story by David Paull, a long article but well worth the read.