23 December, 2016



DA311/16 JKR:HP
Environment & Development Dept. 20 December 2016


Council has received the abovementioned development application from D Rubin relating to land located near your property. The development proposed is at Lot 11 DP 755796 - Eurella 602 Upper Nile Road GLEN ALICE NSW 2849.

3 day music festival (Babylon) including camping  onsite
4500 patrons, 500 staff
18+  event due to  licenced event with  sale of alcohol proposed

The application and plans are on display for a period of 21 days (not including Christmas closure) until 24 January 2017, to assist you in this matter, and are  available  for  inspection  at  the  Council's Environment & Development Department, in the  Council  Administration  Centre,  180  Mort Street, Lithgow, free of charge, during  office  hours.

Under the Environmental Planning Assessment Act, a person who makes a public submission to Council in relation to a development application is required to disclose the reportable political donations and/or gifts (if any) made by the person making the submission, or any associate of    that person, within the period commencing 2 years before the submission is made and ending when the application is determined. A notice about this matter and the Disclosure Form that is to  be included with any submission are available on the NSW Department of Planning &  Environment web site under 'Donation and gift  disclosure'.

Thank you for your participation in this process. The responsible officer dealing with this application is Jessica Ramsden who is available between 2:00-4:30pm on 6354 9999 Monday to Friday in Council's Environment & Development Department.

Write a Letter to Council about the Bad Roads

Dear Capertee Valley Resident,

You may be aware some of the roads in the Capertee Valley are in a terrible state of disrepair.  As a result we would like to initiate a letter writing campaign to council formalising the concerns many residents in the valley have over the state of the roads. 

We strongly urge all residents to write to council to voice their concerns.  We have a greater chance of council acting on complaints if we work together, please send a letter, the more letters council receive the greater our chance of timely action. 

I understand we are all really busy with the end of year quickly approaching, to make it a little easier please find an attached letter below we prepared earlier.  This letter is merely a guide, you can choose to alter the letter, add a problem or road that has been overlooked, change the wording or write your own letter. 

If you choose to send the attached letter don’t forget to add your name and address in the section at the top of the letter and add your name to the bottom.

Whichever you choose please just get a letter into Lithgow Council by post or email.  Letters can be posted to

Lithgow City Council
PO Box 19
180 Mort Street, Lithgow NSW 2790

Or emailed to

Yours faithfully

Combined Capertee Valley Community Groups

Capertee Valley Alliance Inc.
Capertee Valley Landcare Inc.
Glen Alice Community Association Inc.

Glen Davis Community Association Inc.

Town postcode

The General Manager
Lithgow City Council
PO Box 19

Email council@lithgow.nsw.gov.au

Dear Sir,

Re: Glen Alice Road, Capertee Valley

As a resident of the Capertee Valley I feel it is important to bring to your attention several issues with the Glen Alice Road.  Please find a road survey below with a detailed description of the road issues.  The survey was taken heading in a north to south direction commencing at the Lithgow Council-Midwestern Council boundary sign.  The Survey below was undertaken on the 28th November 2016.

Running Distance (km)

Start of survey at Northern boundary of LGA

Large trees and tree branches overhanging Glen Alice Road.

The road has been resealed within the last few years however centrelines have not been marked.  There are several additional new sections along this road which lack centreline marking.

The edge of the road has deep drop offs causing deterioration of road surface and potential for vehicle rollover.
During recent rain events and wind storms, several large trees have fallen across the road.  Evidence of this is the frequency of sawn tree trunks and branches at the side of the road and most evident at Home Hills Road intersection.

As beautiful as it is to drive along a tree lined road one must consider the practicalities and safety issues involved.  Firstly several trees and branches are simply waiting for a strong wind to blow and fall onto a passing vehicle causing a fatal vehicle accident.
Moreover these branches interfere with the ability of large trucks and the school bus to traverse the road.  The excessive vegetative growth and leaning trees force large vehicle to drive onto the wrong side of the road, occasionally on blind corners and rises, to avoid the overhanging trees and branches.  It is very possible this will result in a fatal vehicle accident. 

Please remove all branches and trees over hanging the road.

This has been previously detailed in numerous correspondence from Community Groups and RFS to Council, including Council meeting held in the Capertee Valley. To date no action by Lithgow Council.


Bogee River Bridge
The approach to either end of the bridge needs severe tree lopping to allow oncoming motorists a clear line of sight approaching this one way bridge.  Also, grass and weeds visually obstructing the guardrails particularly at night.  I feel it is necessary for the safety of motorist that the grass and weeds need clearing both side approaches to the bridge.

Council should also consider the need for additional signage such as reduce speed signs and clearly marked areas for vehicles to stop and give way to oncoming traffic.  These measures would avoid a head-on collision on the one one-way bridge

The bitumen approaches to either end of the Bridge are heavily potholed and need re-constructing. There are existing potholes that need urgent attention to prevent a fatal car crash.


The northbound side of this section of road is heavily potholed.  Reconstruction of the northern side of the road may be necessary in addition to correct drainage to avoid the roads further deterioration.
Due to the extent of potholing along this road many residents and visitors to this valley have damaged their vehicle.  While I am worried about these potholes causing damage to my vehicle and damaging vehicle tyres, my greatest concern lies with the potential of a fatal car crash caused by a driver losing control of their vehicle due to a pothole.

Near Noola Road through to start of road construction near Port Macquarie Road.  Heavily potholed and dangerous to all types of vehicle.

This seal is approximately 40 years old.
Due to the extent of potholing along this road many residents and visitors to this valley have damaged their vehicle.  While I am worried about these potholes causing damage to my vehicle and damaging vehicle tyres my greatest concern lies with the potential of a fatal car crash caused by a driver losing control of their vehicle due to a combination of potholes causing damage to a vehicle causing a fatal car crash.

Repair to this section of the road has previously been requested by Community Groups from the Capertee Valley, dates of letters and phone calls can be supplied and agreed upon by Council.

New construction work where road base is being laid and levelled.
If it is true that sealing of this section will not be done until early 2017 then to avoid having the road base washed away a primer seal should be done


Drop edges need repairing
The edges to this section of the road continues to break away, causing a narrowing of safe road surface, and potential vehicle roll over.  To avoid such circumstances occurring it may be necessary for council to repack the road shoulders along this section of the road and the section described in 0.9-8kms


25 metre section of road is heavily damaged thus forcing drivers to the wrong side of the road on a blind crest, a 25m patch is required.
There are several very large potholes just below a blind crest on the road.  These potholes force drivers to the wrong side of the road on the blind crest. This is the potential site for a fatal car accident


Large pot hole
Large patch required.

New roadwork but edges have drop offs

This section of road has recently been laid however repair to the edge of the road due to lack of appropriate compaction and lack of drainage during construction has caused the road shoulder start to wash away.  


Bridge over creek at Glen Alice, approaches need ‘reduce speed’ and ‘narrow bridge ‘warning signs

As your aware this bridge over the Umbiella Creek is a one way bridge a give way sign has recently been installed.  However the signs approaching the bridge are obstructed by overhanging branches not giving drivers enough time to safely stop in order to give way.  It may be necessary to add additional safety signs.
In addition the pot holes along this section of the road are severe.  Some of the pot holes have pot holes. 
The potholes in several areas along this road are so large they have caused damage to vehicles and vehicle tyres.  The damages will continue to occur till this section of the road is replaced.  I reserve the right to apply to council to pay for any tyre or vehicle repair which occur to my vehicles due to this poorly maintained of this road.

To the tri-ways
Dirt road needs grading urgently
The potholes in several areas along this road are so large they are causing driver onto the wrong side of the road and to lose control of their vehicles.     The potholes are also causing damage to vehicles and vehicle tyres.  The damages will continue to occur till this section of the road is graded.  I reserve the right to apply to council to pay for any tyre or vehicle repairs which occur to my vehicles due to this poorly maintained of this road.

I appreciate the time you have taken to read this letter, however, due to the safety issues involved, your immediate response would be appreciated. 

Yours Faithfully

21 December, 2016


Dear Sir/Madam, 

Please be advised that the Determination for the above listed project is now available online. Please click on the link to go to the signed report.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on (02) 9383 2100.

Kind regards,

Aaron Brown | Project Support Officer Secretariat
NSW Planning Assessment Commission
Level 3, 201 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW 2000

e: aaron.brown@pac.nsw.gov.au | p: 9383 2112 | f: 9383 2133 |  www.pac.nsw.gov.au

To read the Summary sheet click here

17 December, 2016

Kate McClymont reflects on Eddie Obeid's jailing

As family patriarch Eddie Obeid swapped his stately Hunters Hill mansion for a jail cell, questions have been raised over the sale to a company whose director is a 25-year-old Chinese woman living in a modest apartment in Mascot.

The clan have legal bills believed to be in excess of $5 million following Obeid's trial for misconduct in public office, for which he was jailed on Thursday for at least three years, and their failed battle against the Independent Commission Against Corruption and staff.

click here to read the full story in the Sydney Morning Herald


The second tree-planting weekend of 2016 was held on 19th – 21st August, when 3100 trees and shrubs were planted on a property (“Fetternear”) on Crown Station Road.  The plantings adjoin important remnant White Box woodland along Crown Station Road and to the west of the property.  It is also close to one of our regular Regent survey sites.

Approximately 100 volunteers took part and both planting and watering were completed by the end of the day. As usual, there was a large contingent of volunteers from Taronga Zoo.  There was also a group of about 20 members of the Shah Satnam JI Green –S Welfare Force Wing of Dera Sacha, an Indian religious environmental group which had participated in the 2 previous plantings. A big vote of thanks is due to everyone who helped make the weekend a success.

The total number of trees and shrubs planted since the project’s inception now stands at 126,000. The total area planted is 262 ha and comprises 65 sites on 48 properties.  

The August Regent Honeyeater surveys were held on the Sunday of the planting weekend. No Regents were recorded on any of the 12 sites although there were birds in the valley at the time, with an estimated 10 birds reported at Capertee National Park by ANU research student Ross Crates. One bird was also seen by a volunteer near the planting site during the weekend.

No Regents were seen either on any of the 12 survey sites during the September and October surveys (which are coordinated by CBOC and Birding NSW respectively).  This was not particularly surprising as flowering  has been generally poor. The Capertee National Park continued to be the main focus for Regents in the Valley over the course of the spring

Staff from the BirdLife national office in Melbourne have been analyzing the data from these surveys, which have been conducted each August, September and October since 2001. It had been planned that Dean Ingwersen would make a presentation on results of a preliminary analysis of the data at the tree-planting dinner on the Saturday night but this had to be postponed as Dean was unable to attend, due to unforeseen circumstances . Further work on analysis of the data has been completed since then and it is hoped that a presentation can be given at the May 2017 dinner.

The tree-plantings for next year will be held on the 5-7th May and 18-20th August.  The August planting is subject to the availability of funding. Our current grant (from the federal government through Central Tablelands Local Lands Services) expires in June 2017 although there may be sufficient funds left over to fund an additional planting and we are hopeful that additional funding may be secured in the interim.

On behalf of BirdLife Southern NSW, I would like to thank all those enthusiastic and hard working volunteers who have contributed to the project during the year . We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible again next year.

Iain Paterson

Please donate to save beach-nesting birds
like the Hooded Plover from extinction

Planning and Assessment Commission for Airly Mine Extension D433-16

Airly Mine Extension Project D433-16 Planning Assessment Commission link.

Determination not made yest and submissions have not been uploaded to PAC site.

 CVA Inc. contacted PAC to request the submissions be uploaded in regard to the Hearing dated 27th October 2016 at Lithgow Workies Club.

There is no rule to say the submissions cant be uploaded for the public to read, its at the discretion of the Commissioner (according to the Commission's representative).

The representative stated he would contact the Commissioner and get back to CVA's representative.... no response yet from 3.14pm 4th November 2016.
Link below;


To read the summary sheet click here

14 December, 2016

Survey to identify community’s priorities for Lithgow

Lithgow City Council
Media Release

Have your say and help set the future direction for the Lithgow Region Lithgow Council is conducting a survey to identify the community’s priorities for the future of the Lithgow local government area.

Lithgow Council is currently reviewing the Community Strategic Plan; ‘Our place…Our Future’. This plan sets the long-term direction for the Lithgow Local Government Area.

Lithgow Mayor, Cr. Stephen Lesslie said today “’The Community Strategic Plan is a chance for everyone to be involved in the future of the Lithgow region. We want people to think about what our community needs and speak up about it. In turn, council will use the plan to guide decision-making on its services and service standards, how community assets are managed and the development of community health and wellbeing programs.”

“A telephone survey of 400 randomly selected residents from across the local government area has just been completed. Council would like to thank everyone who took the time to be interviewed.” Cr Lesslie said.

An online version of the phone survey is now available on Councils website www.council.lithgow.com until Friday 6 January for residents of the Lithgow LGA who would like to contribute to the future of the Lithgow area.

The survey will enable Council to:

Identify what the community values most about living in the Lithgow area.
Identify what the community believes will be highest priority issues for the Lithgow area over the next 10 years. And • Assess community priorities when planning for Lithgow’s future.
“The development of the Community Strategic Plan; ‘Our Place…Our Future’, requires long-term thinking – we can’t do everything at once, but this plan will give us a path to follow into the future” concluded Cr. Lesslie.

11 December, 2016

Burnt Creek Deviation Band Sizzles in the Capertee Valley

The audience at the Glen Alice Hall was treated to blue grass music played by Burnt Creek Deviation Band.  All there agreed that it was a great night and the band members also enjoyed themselves.

03 December, 2016

Congratulations Glen Alice Community Assn Inc.

Glen Alice Community Assn Inc.

New Committee:

President - Neil Franklin - contact - email:  neil-franklin@bigpond.com 

Vice President - Terrie Wallace

Secretary - Lissanne Spackman

Treasurer - Julie Gibson

Committee Members
Laraine Simpson, Sandy Mollison & Kerrie Cooke.

Congratulations to the new office holders.

3 December 2016

02 December, 2016

Airly Mine Community Consultative Committee have new Guidelines/CVA representatives Donna Upton and Alex Mateer

Capertee Valley Alliance Inc. submission points (some) have been answered.

Stronger community voice on major projects
  • Date: 15.11.2016
  • Type: Ministerial Media Release
  • Author: The Hon. Rob Stokes MP, Minister for Planning
Communities will have a greater say on major projects through strengthened and more independent advisory committees.

Community Consultative Committees provide a forum for communities and proponents to discuss and resolve issues on new and existing state significant projects.

Changes under new guidelines include that:
  • independent committee chairs will be appointed by the Department of Planning and Environment, without recommendations from project proponents
  • the maximum number of community members will be increased from five to seven
  • committees can be established for any state significant  project, such as mines, wind farms and infrastructure
  • independent chairpersons will be required to prepare an annual report on the CCC’s activities, to be published on the Department’s website
  • committees can be established at any stage during the assessment process to give local communities a greater say on the design of major projects.
Planning Minister Rob Stokes said the changes will improve the community’s ability to engage with major projects.

“We must ensure the public has confidence in our planning system. Thorough public consultation and independent decisions are integral to instilling confidence,” Mr Stokes said.

“These reforms will make our planning system more responsive to the community’s views.”

Public exhibition of the guideline changes ran for two months, from 18 February to 30 April 2016, and attracted more than 100 public submissions.

The revised guidelines are now published on the Department’s website for public view and will take immediate effect. For more information please visit www.planning.nsw.gov.au/CommunityConsultativeCommittees.