08 August, 2017

Centennial's Springvale Consent for polluting coal mine in Sydney's water catchment invalid, court finds

Subject: Re: SMH: Consent for polluting coal mine in Sydney's water catchment invalid, court finds

On 2 Aug 2017, at 5:34 pm, James Tremain <NCC> wrote:
Consent for polluting coal mine in Sydney's water catchment invalid, court finds
Peter Hannam
Published: August 2 2017 - 5:10PM
Environment groups say they have scored a "massive victory" against coal mining in Sydney's water catchment area after the NSW Court of Appeal found that consent should not have been granted to a mine near Lithgow.
Centennial Coal's Springvale mine was granted a 13-year extension in 2015 by the Baird government, even though the mine was discharging millions of litres of untreated waste water directly into the Coxs River.
The river is the second largest source of water for the Warragamba Dam, which supplies most of Sydney's drinking water.
4Nature, an environment group, challenged the extension's approval, arguing it was in clear conflict with the 2011 State Environmental Planning Policy requiring any development in the catchment to have a neutral or beneficial effect on water quality.
The Appeals Court result on Wednesday overturned an earlier rejection by the Land and Environmental Court, and now requires the parties to make submissions about the mine's fate.
"The parties agreed that given the consequences for the current operations of the respondents and the users of the coal supplied by the mine, the Court should hear further submissions before making such orders," the judgment said.
"This is a massive win for the community," 4Nature spokesman Andrew Cox said. "It was a serious test - it shows you cannot just make up your own rules."
Centennial Coal said the court's decision was "obviously disappointing" but the company had prepared for it.
"A range of options have been identified and we will now proceed to implement these options to seek to ensure Springvale can continue operating without disruption," Katie Brassil, a spokeswoman for Centennial, said.
The miner would not necessarily negotiate with environmental groups, she said.
"As no orders have been issued and further submissions will be heard, it's inappropriate to speculate about the ruling," Anthony Roberts, NSW Planning Minister said.
A spokeswoman for EnergyAustralia, the operator of Mt Piper power station which sources all its coal from Springvale, said the utility was "deeply concerned about the potential for any interruption to Mt Piper's operations to impact retail energy prices".
The nearby plant, which is fed by a coal conveyor and has no facility to take coal by rail from other mines, generates about 15 per cent of the state's electricity. Together the mine and power station employ more than 600 people, EnergyAustralia said.
Despite the concern, Don Harwin, the energy minister said NSW's energy supplies were secure. "The NSW Government is committed to maintaining our energy security and taking all necessary steps in that regard," he said.
'Good precedent'
Sue Higginson, principal solicitor for the NSW Environmental Defenders Office, said the decision would have an impact on future coal or other developments across the catchment.
"It sets a really good precedent," Ms Higginson said.
Centennial Coal was left in a conundrum because it would now have to show it could operate with a neutral or beneficial effect on water quality, she said.
The NSW Environmental Protection Authority was among the agencies that raised objections to the mine's extension because of the high salinity and other contaminants - especially compared with background levels - in its waste water.
In the past, the mine supplied the waste water to the nearby Wallerawang power station until it shut down.
Without its own treatment plant, the mine discharges waste directly into the Coxs River. The pollution, as much as 19 million litres a day, would amount to about two-thirds of the flows at the discharge point.
Centennial has had a poor environment record, including allowing about 2300 tonnes of coal material to discharge from its Clarence Colliery into the Wollangambe River and the World Heritage area of the Blue Mountains in 2015.
The EPA last month fined Centennial $1.05 million, a record penalty for a single prosecution.
"It's an operator that has not shown a strong commitment to the environment," Mr Cox said, noting the company's underground mines were also "destroying endangered upland swamps".
Jeremy Buckingham, the Greens NSW mining spokesman, called on the miner to fast-track a pipeline and water treatment plant, and for the Gardens of Stone National Park to be expanded to protect the precious region.
"The government has had plenty of warnings about Centennial Coal's chronic disregard for their licence conditions and the environment," he said. "They should investigate whether Banpu, the Thai company that bought Centennial Coal in 2010, is a fit and proper person to hold a mining licence."
Discharge curbs delayed
"For years, Centennial Coal ... had known about the need to limit pollution from the mine entering the Coxs River," Chris Jonkers, a spokesman for Lithgow Environment Group, said.
"Instead, the miner delayed tighter discharge rules that were due to start on July 1, 2017."
Keith Muir, director of the Colong Foundation, warned the government against trying to change the law, saying it would be vilified if it tried that route.
"You mean you are going to allow pollution in the drinking water - how could you?"
The company now needs to negotiate and bring forward a water treatment plant that currently has consent to be built "off in the never-never", he said.
A spokesman for the NSW Minerals Council said the group would examine the court's verdict and get "our own legal advice to determine if there may be any broader implications".

James Tremain
Communications Manager
Nature Conservation Council of NSW
m: 0419 272 254 | w: (02) 9516 0206 | e:


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01 August, 2017

Lithgow City Council 2017/18 Budget will changes be in order?

Lithgow Mercury:  'Lithgow City Council working towards surplus'.

"Lithgow City Council has clearly voiced its intention to bring its general fund budget into surplus by the end of this financial year.

At the last meeting of council on July 17, councillors noted a plan to overhaul the general fund budget throughout 2017/18.

General manager Graeme Faulkner said the move was motivated by the need for the organisation to be financially viable in order to be declared Fit for the Future.

Lithgow council has been placed on monthly watch by the Office of Local Government and Mr Faulkner is required to provide monthly reports on the administration’s progress.

Eye off the Ball in 2016/18 Financial Year

Council will attempt to claw back a projected deficit of $853,000 for this financial year.

​"It might be too much of an ask to reduce the deficit totally for this year but we're going to give it a good go," the general manager said.

Although $853,000 is certainly a sizeable figure, Lithgow Council has improved dramatically after being in the red to the tune of over $4 million last financial year."

Lithgow City Council general fund deficits in the past five years:
  • 2016/17       –$4.118m
  • 2015/16       –$1.712m
  • 2014/15       –$2.213m
  • 2013/14       –$1.753m
  • 2012/13       –$0.578m
(Total 5-year deficit:  $10.374m)

Read the full story here:  Lithgow Mercury:  'Lithgow City Council working towards surplus'.

29 July, 2017


Bylong Coal Project

Please be advised that the Review Report for the above listed project is now available online. Please click on the link to go to the signed report.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on (02) 9383 2100.

Kind regards,

Aaron Brown | Project Support Officer Secretariat
NSW Planning Assessment Commission
Level 3, 201 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW 2000
e: aaron.brown@pac.nsw.gov.au | p: 9383 2112 | f: 9383 2133 |  www.pac.nsw.gov.au


28 July, 2017

Glen Davis Community Assn Notice of AGM Saturday 5 August 2017 at 7.30pm

Postal Address: 3253 Glen Davis Rd, Glen Davis.
PRESIDENT: John Davies. SECRETARY: Laraine Simpson.
E: john.davies@westnet.com.au E: larainesimpson71@gmail.com.au
P: 6379 7304. P: 6379 7203.
If any members have any business you would like to discuss in general business please feel free to do so.
Light supper after the meeting.

28 May, 2017

Bush Tucker Day in the Capertee Valley

Glen Alice Community Association together with Capertee Valley Landcare invite you to a:

Bush Tucker Day in the Capertee Valley

Sunday 11 June 2017 10am – 5pm, Glen Alice Community Hall

A day for exploring what native foods we have available in our valley, a day for meeting and sharing knowledge with Indigenous people connected to our area.
o   Welcome to country by Lyn Syme, a Dabee elder and a descendant of Queen Peggy Lambert.
o   Native foods of Capertee Valley before white settlement. Vicki Powys, local artist and Julie Gibson, Landcare person.
o   Indigenous plants of Capertee Valley as food, medicine and tools, by Dick Turner and Alice Williams. Dick is well known in the valley through his long association with the Regent Honeyeater Project and Alice Williams is a Wiradjuri woman and co-author of the book Wiradjuri Plant Use in the Murrumbidgee Catchment Area.
o   A guided walk through the bushland near the community hall to identify useful plants.
o   Native grass identification and uses, Colin Seis.
<< Bush Tucker Morning Tea >>
o   Informal displays and demonstrations
o   Didgeridoo by Graham Davis King, Indigenous artist. Everyone welcome to bring their musical instruments to join in.
o   Making a possum skin cape, a demonstration with kangaroo skin. Dianne Pirotta, Indigenous artist.
o   Native food plants for your garden, some available from Bilbi Blooms, Ngampri Nursery, Grasses from Colin Seis.
o   Possibly – where to buy native foods, weaving with reeds and grasses . . .
<< Degustation Lunch>>
kangaroo (traditional roasting on fire and as stew), yabbies, witchetty grubs, damper, warrigalgreens soup, emu eggs and more all prepared by our new chef in the valley Dean Baiss.
A special invitation to all with Indigenous links with the valley, and people living here, but also to everyone who wants to know more.
RSVP Because we are providing food it is important you let us know that you’re coming, places will be limited so get your name down early. Email to: cvlandcare@gmail.com; phone: Julie Gibson 63797317 or Kerrie Cooke 63797390

25 May, 2017

LCC Financial and Management Plans

Lithgow City Council finally publicly releases next year's
Management & Financial Plans - ALL SIX OF THEM !

The Lithgow City Council has today finally publicly released their next year's Management & Financial Plans and all SIX Plans can be downloaded from the Council's website at this link: 

The SIX PLANS are made up of the following:

👉   The Draft Community Strategic Plan 2030
👉   The combined Draft Delivery Program 2017/18 – 2020/21 and Draft Operational Plan 2017/18
👉   The Draft Fees and Charges 2017/18
👉   The Draft Strategic Asset Management Plan
👉   The Draft Long Term Financial Plan
👉   The Draft Workforce Plan

At over 400 pages in total, it's going to be a long read over the next month with time you won't get back with Community Submissions closing in just four weeks on Monday 12 June, 2017.

Here from one of W.C. Fields best known quotes: 

Lithgow City Council Draft Budget 2017/18 and the Combined draft Delivery Program from 2017 /18 to 2020/21

Attention all Capertee /Capertee Valley Residents.... come and have your'e say at the Draft Budget Meeting. (Issued by CVA Inc.)
Capertee Memorial Hall – Thursday 25 May at 6pm

Members of the community are invited to come along to one of the community information sessions being held throughout the Lithgow LGA during May on Council’s plans for the future of the area.

At its meeting to be held on 15 May, Lithgow City Council will be considering its Draft Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework; a suite of plans that will guide the future direction of the Lithgow LGA over the next 10 years.  In particular this will include the:
•        Draft Community Strategic Plan 2030 – Our place, our future
•        Combined Draft Delivery Program 2017/18 – 2020/21 and Operational Plan 2017/18 (the Budget)
·                  Draft Fees and Charges 2017/18

These plans are part of a suite of plans which make up the IPR Framework and will be available for viewing on Council’s website on Tuesday 16 May following the Council Meeting.

Come along to one of the community information sessions at the following locations and find out what projects are included in the Draft Operational Plan (the Budget) for your area and how to make a submission:
  • Wallerawang Community & Sports Club – Thursday 18 May at 6pm
  • Rydal Union Church – Tuesday 23 May at 6pm
  • Lithgow City Council Chambers – Wednesday 24 May at 6pm
  • Capertee Memorial Hall – Thursday 25 May at 6pm
  • Old Hartley School Hall – Tuesday 30 May at 6pm
  • Crystal Theatre Portland – Thursday 1 June at 6pm.

If you have any queries on this matter please contact Deborah McGrath on 6354 9921.

Deborah McGrath | Corporate Planning and Communications Officer
Policy and Planning | Lithgow City Council
(02) 6354 9999 | Fax: (02) 6351 4259
Bluett Award Winners

23 May, 2017

Fire and Emergency Service Levy

From: Lithgow Ratepayers [mailto:lithgowratepayers@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, 1 May 2017 11:28 PM
To: Lithgow Ratepayers
Subject: Um .... why has the Lithgow City Council been so quiet on the introduction of the new Fire and Emergency Service Levy - On Lithgow City Council Rate Notices?

Um .... why has the Lithgow City Council been so quiet on the introduction of the
new Fire and Emergency Service Levy - On Lithgow City Council Rate Notices?

"From July 1, NSW property owners will be charged the new Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL) based on land value determined by the NSW Valuer-General, replacing the previous system which was a tax on insurance policies.

The annual levy is determined by adding a fixed charge – $100 for residential property – to an additional ad valorem amount based on unimproved land value.

For owners of "public benefit land" such as churches and scout halls, the annual fixed charge is also $100 plus an additional amount based on a separate ad valorem calculation.

But for farms, industrial and commercial landholders, the fixed charge will be $200 plus the additional amount.

A new charge will be calculated annually based on the budget for NSW Fire and Rescue, the Rural Fire Service and the State Emergency Service.

The levy, which accounts for three-quarters of the fire and emergency services budget, will be collected by Councils as a separately listed charge on Rates Notices."

Property owners can work out their precise levy using a calculator on the fire services and emergency services levy website here:  http://fesl.nsw.gov.au/rates_and_calculator

Ed:  The mainstream media is reporting that the Paul Toole State Coalition NSW Government new Fire and Emergency Services Levy is expected to impact more largely on Middle and Low Income and Pensioner Households, whose Homes historically were not previously covered by Building Insurance.

14 May, 2017

Land management and biodiversity conservation reforms – Regulations on public exhibition

The draft Biodiversity Conservation Regulation, Local Land Services Amendment Regulation and other key products to support the Government's new Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and Local Land Services Amendment Act 2016, have been released for a six week exhibition period from today.

Visit the Land Management and Biodiversity Conservation website to view the material on public exhibition.

To view the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and Local Land Services Amendment Act 2016 visit the NSW Parliamentary website.

Copyright © 2017 NSW OEH, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you opted in to stay up to date with the reforms or you made a submission during public exhibition. If you do not wish to receive future emails, please unsubscribe.

Our mailing address is:
59-61 Goulburn Street
Sydney, Nsw 2000

13 May, 2017

Walk along the TramwayTrail Mt Airly

Capertee Valley Landcare... Planning a Bush walk.

Capertee Valley Landcare is having a walk along the Tramway Trail at Mt Airly.
Sunday 21 June 2017.
10.00 am at the Airly Campground. If you are uncertain of where this is we can arrange to meet at the Capertee River bridge at threeways.

NPWS brochure: “Tramway Trail – follows the old oil shale mine tramway route around the contour of Mount Airly and through the ruins of Airly village. Distance: 5.5km each way”

My plan is to make this a gentle stroll, going only as far as the big boiler halfway, taking time to examine the old village ruins and stopping at the boiler for a snack. If anyone wants to go the whole way they'll need to do the last section without my guidance. The views are great at the top.

Bring your own water, snacks and lunch, hat, camera.

RSVP It will be helpful to know who’s coming, by reply to this or phone me.


Julie Gibson
02 63797317 or 0412699674

12 May, 2017

Capertee Valley Alliance Inc. SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING 14th May 2017 at 2.00pm REMINDER


PLEASE COME and vote on the future of CVA

Issued by CVA Inc.
Bruce Upton.

Postal Address: 3253 Glen Davis Rd, Glen Davis. NSW 2846.
PRESIDENT: John Davies. SECRETARY: Laraine Simpson.
E: john.davies@westnet.com.au E: larainesimpson71@gmail.com.au
P: 6379 7304. P: 6379 7203.


Dana Junokas: Glen Davis Community Centre update. (weekends)
If any members have any other business you would like to mention please feel free to bring it up in general business.



08 May, 2017

Lithgow Council Community Information Session

Community information session re Draft 2017/21 Delivery Program and 2017/18 Operational Plan following its adoption for exhibition on 15 May.

The Capertee Memorial Hall is booked by Council for an information session to be held on Thursday 25th May at 6pm.

28 April, 2017


Lithgow City Council has appointed a new general manager.
Councillors voted unanimously on Thursday to give Graeme Faulkner the position and he is expected to begin his duties in around three weeks.
Mr Faulkner has formerly served as the general manager of the councils of Wagga Wagga, Bega Shire, Hawkesbury and Byron Bay.
He has most recently worked as the general manager of the Service Relationships and Safety and Compliance divisions at Roads and Maritime Services.
Andrew Muir has been serving as the acting general manager since the departure of former general manager Roger Bailey in October last year.

26 April, 2017

Top honour for Legacy

 20 Apr 2017, 5 p.m. Mudgee Guardian

A Kandos High School graduate will have the honour of laying the Legacy wreath at the dawn service in Sydney this year.

Elysse Mill was selected to represent the charity service at the Anzac Day dawn service in Martin Plaza. She will also read the first half of The Ode.

“I’ve been with Legacy since my step-father passed away, he was a Vietnam vet,” she said.

“I'm waking up at 2:30am and getting escorted to the event and at 4:15pm I’ll be laying the wreath and reading The Ode.”

Elysse’s step-father John Millar served in Vietnam, her great grandfather Leo Chambers (known as Slim) also served at the Japanese prisoner of war camp at Cowra during the prisoner of war breakout.

Her great, great grandfather Hal McLeish lost an arm while serving during WWI on the beaches at Gallipoli Cove.

Elysse is encouraging the younger generation to continue to support Anzac Day.

“We, as young people, haven’t had to go through what they have and it is important that we get involved and support them,” she said.

Elysse’s grandmother Wendy Williams congratulated her granddaughter and encouraged everyone to watch the TV coverage.

“What an honour. You do your mother, Michelle Mill of Kandos and your late father Steve Mill and all the family proud.”

Elysse is currently completing her third year at University of Western Sydney at Penrith.

Legacy is a voluntary organisation providing services to around 70,000 families of veterans who have died or given their health. Today Legacy's caring and compassionate service assists over 70,000 widows and 1,900 children and dependents with a disability.

20 April, 2017


Capertee Valley Landcare - Water Testing 28 April and diary of events 2017

2 - 4pm Friday 28 April at Glen Alice Hall
Capertee valley Landcare will be at Glen Alice Community Hall with all our water testing equipment, for EC (salt) and pH.
We are happy to test any water samples from the valley - dams, creeks, bores, tanks.
Bring the samples in a bottle that you have washed out three times with the water to be tested.
followed by
4.30 - 5.30 pm Capertee Valley Landcare Committee meeting
At this meeting we'll finalise some arrangements for our future activities as well as discuss future use of community radio, KRR.
Capertee Valley Landcare for the  rest of 2017
·        Sun 21 May – Airly Village walk along the tramway track
·        Sun 11 June – Bush tucker and local indigenous history workshop and field day
·        Sun 2 July – Genowlan Mountain, the mine and/or the grotto (quite steep) and looking for 4WD people to help out
·        Friday 25 August 2017, 4.30 pm Next Annual General Meeting
·        3 September Fruit Fly Management Day
·        October (date to be advised) – Pipeline track – potentially 2 stage walk
·        Sun 29 October – Bush tucker workshop and field day (note change of date)

Julie Gibson
Capertee Valley Landcare
97 The Gullies Road, Glen davis

02 6379 7317

LEP Environmental Plan 2014 (Amedment 2) - Split Zones Clause

Lithgow City Council invites public review and comment on a Planning Proposal to amend Lithgow Local Environmental Plan 2014 by inserting a new clause relating to minimum lot sizes for certain split zones.
The objectives of the Planning Proposal are to:
  • Enable the subdivision of lots that are within split zones but cannot be subdivided under Clause 4.1, 4.1AA or 4.2C due to minimum lot size
  • Provide for subdivision that promotes suitable uses and development of land within split zones.
The Planning Proposal will only affect properties/lots that contain:
  • land in a residential, village; business or industrial zone, and
  • land in a rural or environmental zone.
 The Planning Proposal and supporting exhibition material are on public exhibition for a twenty eight (28) day period from 13 April 2017 to 11 May 2017 and are available for viewing at the following locations:
  • Council’s website
  • Council Administration Centre 180 Mort St LITHGOW NSW 2790 Mon to Fri 8.15am-4.00pm;
  • Lithgow Library 157 Main St LITHGOW NSW 2790 Mon to Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-12pm;
  • Wallerawang Library Main St WALLERAWANG NSW 2845 Tues-Wed 10am-1pm, 2pm-6pm, Thurs-Fri 2pm-6pm, Sat 9am-12pm; and
  • Portland Library 65 Williwa St PORTLAND NSW 2847 Tues-Wed 10am-1pm, 2pm-6pm, Thurs-Fri 2pm -6pm, Sat 9am-12pm.
 Should any person or group wish to make a submission on the Planning Proposal, it should be in writing and be received by 4.30pm on 11 May 2017.  Submissions should be addressed to: The General Manager, quoting reference LLEP2014(A2) or by emailing attention General Manager and quoting reference LLEP2014(A2).
Delegation for the making of Lithgow Local Environmental Plan 2014 (A2) has been issued to Lithgow City Council.
Further information may be obtained by contacting Mrs Sherilyn Hanrahan at Council.


The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service are intending to undertake a hazard reduction burn between the Wolgan and Capertee Rivers commencing Monday 24th April.
The area indicated below will be closed from Monday 24th April to Monday 1st May inclusive including:
- Coorongooba Camping Area
- Pipeline Track
- Starlight, Devils Pinch, Pipeline and Freshwater Canyons
- Wolgan River Trail east of the Pipeline Track
- Capertee River Trail
For further information, please contact Mudgee NPWS Office on 6370 9000 (Mon-Fri) or Blackheath 4787 8877

13 March, 2017

Small farm and rural lifestyle block owners LITHGOW SEMINAR

Central Tablelands Local Land services are hosting a seminar for people with small farm
holdings and rural lifestyle block owners.
The seminar is an opportunity for landholders to listen to a range of topics that may be
relevant to their landholding and farming/hobby operation.
Topics covered include
· On property biosecurity, weeds and pest animal control
· Biodiversity and native vegetation legislation – What are the requirements?
· Requirements and responsibilities for running livestock
· Landcare and conservation
· Rural crime prevention – What can I do to better protect my property?
· Bushfire mitigation – How do I prepare and best protect my property?
Time: 5.30pm – 7.30pm
When Friday 24th March 2017
Where: University of Notre Dame, Col Drew Drive
Lithgow (Next to Lithgow Hospital – use the Hospital car park)
Cost: Free, please register for catering purposes (light supper will be provided).
Further information or directions contact:
Lithgow Central Tablelands LLS office on 6350 3110 or
Peter Evans | peter.evans@lls.nsw.gov.au | 0438 496 851

Above is contents of flyer
From: Peter Evans [mailto:peter.evans@lls.nsw.gov.au]
Sent: Monday, 13 March 2017 9:03 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Small landholders Seminar

09 March, 2017

Lithgow Council Connections

By-Election Date

The Minister for the Environment,  Local Government and Heritage has now approved Saturday 8 April 2017 as the date for a by-election to fill two vacancies in civic office on Lithgow City Council.  The NSW Electoral Commission will conduct the election.
View Lithgow by-election website administered by the NSW Electoral Commission 


The following media releases have been published this week on Council’s website and may be viewed here
Exhibition of the Draft Lithgow Flood Study Review
At its meeting of 21 November 2016, Council resolved to place on public exhibition the Draft Lithgow Flood Study Review for a period of 60 days.
The draft strategy is available to view at Customer Service, Administration Centre 180 Mort St Lithgow, Lithgow Library and on the Council’s website.
Written submissions should be addressed to the General Manager, PO Box 19, Lithgow NSW or alternatively emailed to council.  Submissions must be received by 4pm on 10 March 2017.
Marrangaroo Masterplan/Development Control Plan Project
Structure Plan Options Workshops
Lithgow City Council wishes to invite all interested members of the community to a community and stakeholders structure plan briefing and consultation workshop as part of the Marrangaroo Masterplan/DCP Project.
This workshop will be held with representatives of Council and the urban design and planning consultants, OCULUS on Thursday 9th March 2017 from 4-6pm at the Lithgow Golf Club, 1 Golf Link Road Marrangaroo.
These workshops are the third round of public consultation and provide the opportunity for community members, stakeholders and landowners to view and respond to two preliminary structure plan options prepared for the Marrangaroo development.
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Council’s Project Manager and Strategic Land Use Planner, Mrs Sherilyn Hanrahan on 02 6354 9999, or Associate Director at OCULUS, Mr Keith Stead on 02 9557 5533.
Draft Event Attraction Policy At its meeting of 6 February 2017, Council resolved to place on public exhibition the Draft Event Attraction Policy for a period of 28 days.
The draft policy is available to view at Customer Service, Administration Centre 180 Mort St Lithgow, Lithgow Library and on the Council’s website.
Written submissions should be addressed to the General Manager, PO Box 19, Lithgow NSW or alternatively emailed to council. Submissions must be received by 4pm on 17 March 2017.
Public Notice Alcohol Free Zones
Lithgow City Council resolved at its meeting 27 February 2017 to consult on a proposal to re-establish Alcohol Free Zones in the Lithgow, Wallerawang and Portland CBD areas for a further 4 years. The current zones will expire on 8 March 2017.
This proposal, if adopted, will create a prohibition on individuals from consuming alcohol on the street, footpaths or public carparks within the zone. It does not prohibit people from carrying unopened alcohol from one location to another eg to home or a restaurant.
People are invited to make written submissions, objections or representations on this proposal, a copy of which is available from: Council’s Administration Centre, Lithgow Library Learning Centre Wallerawang Branch Library, Portland Branch Library and Lithgow Council website.
All submissions, objections or representations are to be sent to the General Manager, Lithgow City Council, PO Box 19, Lithgow or email by 24 March 2017.
For further information on this proposal, contact Matthew Johnson, Manager Community and Culture.
As part of this program, Council will be holding two FREE walk up micro-chipping open days for your cat or dog at Lithgow Animal Shelter – Off Geordie Street Lithgow. The open day will be held on the 11 March 2017 between 9am – 12pm.
For information on upcoming events and what to see and do in the Lithgow region visit the Lithgow Tourism Website
Lithgow Celebrates 2017 NSW Seniors Festival

In 2017 the Seniors Festival will run for 5-days from Monday 6 March to Friday 10 March in Lithgow. During this annual festival there are many FREE and discounted events around town to inspire seniors to get creative, try new things, socialise, share skills and keep doing the things they enjoy, together! Programmed activities include library and museum tours, belly-dancing class, pamper day, ukulele class, morning tea with the Mayor, “libraries online” sessions, yoga and meditation class, author talk, tai chi, art class, mindfulness colouring-in session, knitting workshop, presentation by the Trustee and Guardian’s Office, and morning melodies at Lithgow Workies. For further details please see program of events on Council’s website 

JM Robson Aquatic Centre

Keep up to date with what's happening at the Aquatic Centre here
Lithgow Library
Keep up to date with what's happening at the Libraries here
March Storytime
Join us every Wednesday at Lithgow Library from 10.30am for Storytime! Our very popular program for preschoolers and their carers includes books, songs, dancing, puppets and craft.
Coming up for the month of March are the following themed storytime sessions:
  • Wednesday 15th March – SHAPES! Can you name all the shapes? Join us today for Achoo! a fun story about shapes and Apples and Robins by Lucie Felix.
  • Wednesday 22nd March – ANIMALS! Today we visit the Noisy Jungle with a fantastic pop up book, we will have some fun puppet animal visitors and craft after.
  • Wednesday 29th March – COLOURS! Monsters Love Colours, or so the book by Mike Austin tells us. Join us to find out!
Library School Holiday Program
Join in the fun school holiday activities at Lithgow and Portland Libraries.
Lithgow Library
  • Monday 10 April, 10am - Resin Jewellery Workshop for Teens – Ages 12+, Bookings required.
  • Tuesday 11 April, 10am – Make and Fly Paper Planes – All ages.
  • Tuesday 11 April, 11am – Learn the Ukulele – For upper primary students Ages 8+.
  • Tuesday 11 April, 1.30pm – Learn the Ukulele - For Teens  - Year 7 +
  • Wednesday 12 April, 10.30am – Storytime with the Easter Bunny
  • Thursday 12 April 10.30am – Baby Bounce & Rhyme Time
  • Tuesday 19 April, 10am – Make and Test a Catapult – All ages
  • Wednesday 20 April 10.30am – Storytime
  • Thursday 21 April , 10.30am – Baby Bounce & Rhyme Time
Portland Library
  • Saturday 8 April, 10am – Easter Craft Activity – All ages
  • Tuesday 18 and Wed 19 April, 10am – Play Board Games – All ages
  • Thursday 20 April, 2pm – Learn the Ukulele – Ages 8+
  • Saturday 22 April, 10am – Anzac Craft – All ages.
To book or for more information contact Lithgow Library on 6352 9100 or Portland Library on 6355 5355.  Download a copy of the program here
Eskbank House Museum
Keep up to date with what's happening at Eskbank House Museum here
The Leake-Sutton Quilt back on display at Eskbank House

Eskbank House volunteers have been busy over the summer. While a new kitchen garden is under construction, staff have given the furniture in the Bracey collection a thorough clean (and by 'cleaning' we mean 'dismantling', 'fumigating' and 'repairing'). This work has enabled us to get the Children's Room to a high standard and exhibit our treasured Leake-Sutton Crazy Quilt. Mrs Larraine Spice donated the quilt, which was made in Virginia US for her mother Jean, but after more than a decade on display the quilt needed conservation. It has been stored and rested for more than a year and now looks more beautiful than ever. It will be on display until Easter 2017, when it returns to safe storage.
For more information call Eskbank House on 6351 3557 or 63549999.
Pictured: Close up of the Leake-Sutton Quilt taken during its Significance Assessment by esteemed Textiles Expert, Kylie Winkworth in 2011. 
Ordinary Meeting of Council
Monday, 20 March 2017 at  7pm in the Council Chambers, 180 Mort Street, Lithgow
Members of the community that would like to address Council at Monday night's council meeting need to register by midday on Monday 20 March for items that are not listed on the agenda.
Those wishing to speak on items on the agenda are not required to, but still may register.
Copies of the Agenda are placed on Council's website by close of business on the Thursday prior to the meeting and can be found here 
Every (property) has its own water meter. The meter registers all water used at your property and is shown as water consumption on your account.
Your meter is usually located outside the front of your property, near the left or right boundary.
Water flows through the property service pipe (main to meter) into a measuring chamber inside your meter.
The type of meter you have and its appearance may vary between properties.
You as the property owner are responsible for looking after and preventing damage to your meter, and for providing easy access for our staff to the meter and connections to the water main.
Meter maintenance & accessibility
It is your responsibility to ensure that your meter (box) is accessible. The meter must be at ground level.
Please do not fill the area around the meter or cover it with garden beds, trees or shrubs or other matter.
Meter Access is Your Responsibility
Council requires a minimum clearance of 30cm around your meter, to make it accessible to our reader. You can help maintain access to your meter by;
  • Trimming long grass and pruning overgrown plants in the vicinity of your meter
  • Avoiding concreting around or building over the top of your meter
  • Ensuring that the meter remains at or above ground level
  • Displaying a caution sign if you have a dog and securing the dog from the meter area if possible.
If, for any reason we are not able to read your meter, we may leave a card behind for you to contact Council to arrange a time.
Now is a great time to check your meter to ensure it is clear and accessible. Please exercise caution when removing water meter covers. They can be homes for spiders and snakes. Ensure your wear protective gloves.
VendorPanel is an online purchasing system that enables Council employees to directly contact local contractors/suppliers for quotations from one centralised location in an equitable manner.
Contractors/Suppliers wishing to do business with Council must be registered on VendorPanel.
The system is also used to store compliance information such as insurance and qualifications.
Registration is free and contractors/suppliers can register by following the links on Council’s website 
For further information, please contact Council’s Purchasing Coordinator, Sean Quick on 6354 9999.
If you are a ratepayer in the Lithgow Local Government area, and you wish to receive your rate and installment notices by email, please contact Council, or call into our Customer Service Centre, and request an application form or alternatively a form may be downloaded here
One of Lithgow’s most important water catchment areas is just above your head! During heavy rain storms, hundreds of litres of water can drain off an average roof. By installing a rainwater tank, you can capture and store this precious resource to help ease the strain on our town water, and also save money on your water accounts.
Council provides a rainwater tank rebate scheme of up to $300 to help you do this.
For water efficient dishwashers or washing machines that have a WELS star rating of 4 or greater a rebate of $150 will be paid for each appliance.
This is one of the many ways Lithgow City Council is working with the community to create sensible solutions for people and the environment to ensure that clean, fresh drinking water doesn’t become a luxury item. For further information please see Council’s website.
Cash rebates are available for the replacement of old coal heaters through Lithgow Council's Alternate Fuel Rebate Program.
This year rebates are $1,400 for pensioners, $1,000 for non pensioners and $2,000 for commercial premises for those who replace their coal heaters with cleaner alternatives such as fixed electric heaters, fixed flue gas heaters, reverse cycle air conditioners and ducted gas central heating.
For further information contact Council or visit our website.
Information on waste and recycling is available on Councils website here.
CCTV Cameras at Rural Landfills
NEW CCTV cameras installed at Portland and Wallerawang Rural Landfills to catch illegal dumping of waste by commercial companies at OUR rural landfills. Residents are urged to report illegal dumping by contacting Council.
The next Bulky Waste Collection is Monday 11 September.  For information and bookings click here
The next Green Waste Collection is Monday 3 April.  For information and bookings click here
Illegal Dumping
Council is cracking down on illegal dumping around the Local government area.
Council deploys surveillance cameras to catch perpetrators in the act and significant fines apply.
To report illegal dumping please phone Council on 63549999, report via the online portal or download the 'Report to EPA' App from the App Store or Google Play. 
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